7 Fonts Similar to Lato

Posted on September 29, 2022 | Updated on October 28, 2022

Lato is a sans-serif typeface designed to be elegant and clean while minimizing distraction. Originally launched in 2015, the font family was originally a corporate commission that was later released and accessible to the public. “Lato” means “summer” in Polish. Along with the other fonts in the family, Lato 2.0 covers more than 3,000 glyphs and 18 styles. Designers love this font for its robust structure and elegant curves. The font is very popular, appearing in a variety of media products. There are many options if you’re looking for a font with Lato’s characteristics that isn’t as prevalent. Here are 7 fonts similar to Lato. 

1. Syabil 

Clean and multipurpose, Syabil is a font family consisting of nine different weights. 

It’s crafted to fit print media and video and works in various designs. Eko Bimantara designed the font, which is unique yet legible.

Whether designing a logo, label or infographic, Syabil is a solid choice. 

2. Proda Sans

Proda Sans is similar to Lato, with both being humanist sans serif typefaces. It has nine different weights that allow it to adapt to various media. 

It is legible while keeping the same gentleness that Lato’s known for. The font works well for both displays and body texts. 

If you’re looking for a unique humanist font, Proda Sans is an excellent choice. 

3. Fibon Neue

Fibon Neue is a smooth font that works well with print and displayed materials. 

The dynamic font has several different weights that appear similar to Lato Light, with its low contrast characters. 

An improvement to the Fibon sans typeface, Fibon Neue is a nicely balanced font for a poster or screen. 

4. Halton

Halton is a font with many similarities to Lato Light. It’s a minimalist font that’s slightly condensed, making it an excellent option for headers and body text. 

The typeface is a sans serif family and is easily legible with a bit of personality. 

Halton is an excellent choice for posters, booklets or pamphlets. 

5. Stark 

Stark is a modern sans serif font that’s designed similarly to Lato. 

The font family works well in both header and body text and includes a variety of special characters. 

The font is an excellent choice as a multi-purpose typeface for print or digital media. 

6. Metrisch 

Another humanist font, Metrisch has a clean and smooth look that mimics the Lato design. 

The typeface’s weights range from light to extra bold, which makes it an excellent choice for logos and magazines. 

If you’re looking to experiment with a font that works well on a flyer or a billboard, Metrisch works beautifully. 

7. Sentral

Sentral is a modern “geomanist” font popular for its energy. 

The contemporary font comes in eight different styles giving you many options for your design. Warm while energizing, the font works well on posters and advertisements. 

A fun font to experiment with, sentral is an excellent choice for any attention-grabbing media piece. 

Choosing the Right Font

The right font significantly affects how an audience perceives an advertisement, informational poster or screen display. 

Lato is an excellent choice for all media types, but its popularity is now everywhere in media. These fonts provide nice alternatives with enough similarities to Lato that you won’t miss it. 

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