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Posted on August 22, 2023 | Updated on August 22, 2023

Twitter has undergone several changes throughout the years — a hub for giving status updates has since become a full-blown media outlet. Likewise, since Elon Musk’s acquisition and the subsequent merging with X Corp. in 2022, the site was recently rebranded as simply X. Today, people get their news from X — commenting, interacting with, and sharing trending topics and relevant stories. 

To keep up with the changes, brands must adopt new strategies to build interest and stand out within their respective industries. Companies and individuals understand it’s only possible to succeed on the platform with loyal followers. Here are 10 practical ways to get followers on X — or Twitter X for those still adjusting to the changes.

1. Find Your Brand Voice

Wendy’s, Netflix and Denny’s are some of the many companies that have mastered brand voice on Twitter X. For instance, Wendy’s captures their audience with the wittiest profile tagline: “We like our tweets the way we like our French fries: hot, crispy, and better than anyone expects from a fast food restaurant.” 

And it’s delivered, enjoying virality from its witty tweet roasts over the years — even going after its competitor, McDonald’s. If you hope to stand out similarly, find your brand’s ideal voice and tone. Knowing your existing customers is an excellent starting point.

2. Tweet Regularly

Due to the platform’s news-centric nature, tweets have a limited life span of 18 minutes — so it’s essential to post several times a day. 

Some accounts post 4–5 times daily, while others post about 10 times or more, including retweeting other people’s content. If it seems like a lot, it isn’t. Things move relatively fast on Twitter X. 

Although you might consider using a social media calendar for sharing some tweets, it’s sometimes beneficial to tweet in the moment to stay on trend. 

3. Optimize Your Profile

Prospective followers can search for your profile through the app and search engines. As such, you’ll want to optimize your profile by filling out each description field to ensure you get seen.

Showcase your personality in the profile tagline and incorporate other industry or brand-related hashtags, keywords, and location details. Twitter X accounts with clear profile photos typically receive 18% more visits than those without.

You should also include a link in your description if you have one. Users who find your Twitter X handle can then follow the link to your website to learn more about your company or visit your online store.

4. Post Visual Content

People are visual creatures, so capture their attention by switching up the content you share with imagery. 

While text tweets are essential to establishing your brand — and are literally what Twitter was built on — you are more likely to stop scrolling users and entice new followers to view your posts when you include photos, GIFs, and videos. 

5. Ensure Tweets Are Relevant

Of course, you don’t want to tweet random thoughts or visuals — unless that’s how you’ve branded yourself. Instead, ensure your tweets are relevant to your industry, audience and voice if you hope to get noticed.

Twitter X is more than a news outlet — people come together for conversation, idea-sharing and debate. Therefore, your content should appeal to the masses and add value, such as advertising sales, delivering tutorials, sharing inspiration or posting about current events. 

6. Use Hashtags

Like all other social media platforms, you can use relevant hashtags in tweets so users can find your Twitter X account and follow your content. In fact, Twitter was the birthplace of the hashtag. 

Hashtags make it easier for users to look up and participate in trending conversations based on their interests. For example, someone might look up “#gfrecipes” and find a gluten-free recipe from cooking publications or blogs. 

Users post 500 million tweets daily — 40% contain at least one hashtag, equating to 200 million tweets. If you aren’t currently using hashtags, you should begin including them on relevant keywords to attract new followers.

7. Get Verified

Musk’s Twitter takeover was met with criticism and pushback, especially as he changed the verification rules. Public figures, brands, and governments suddenly had to pay $8 for a blue checkmark, while the rules allowed anyone to get verified and risk impersonation.

You might question whether it’s worth participating in the paid verification program. Honestly, it depends. Now that Twitter has become X, it’s hard to know if verifications will change with the rebranding. As for now, Twitter Blue allows you to post longer tweets and videos. It also prioritizes your responses in reply chains. 

In July 2023, Musk implemented a new rule allowing verified users to view a maximum of 6,000 tweets daily, limiting unverified users to 600 posts. Weeks later, Musk announced additional restrictions on daily direct messages for unverified users. The new rules occurred before X and may undergo more changes still. 

8. Create Threads

Threads solve the problem of having only 280 characters per post by allowing you to deliver multiple tweets in a sequence. Suppose you create a thread of four or five tweets — Twitter X will mark them as 1/5, 2/6, 3/5 and so forth.

Threads are practical if you have a longer story or opinion to share. Medical professionals or scientists may even use them to discuss new research. Regardless, it gives you several opportunities to get noticed.  

You can create threads by pressing the plus icon once you’ve written your first tweet. Once completed, Twitter X will add them together when you hit publish.

9. Tag, Retweet, and Reply

Engaging with others is your best shot at getting followers on Twitter X. In addition to creating tweets, you must reply to users who’ve responded to your posts, tag others, and retweet relevant posts by others.

Retweet followers of your brand to show appreciation for their comments and feedback. Likewise, versatility in your engagement demonstrates you aren’t a bot.

Again, always ensure whatever you tweet, retweet, or respond to is appropriate and fosters the type of reputation your brand is after. For instance, you likely won’t find an upscale clothing brand retweeting a post with profanity or obscene images.

10. Participate in Chats

If you want to get followers on Twitter X, you must put yourself out there to access your target audience. Demonstrate your expertise in a particular topic by participating in chats. Chats on a specific subject are scheduled in advance and usually designated by a related hashtag.

Be sure to follow accounts within your industry — but not your competitors — to know when to look out for upcoming chats. 

Make Your Brand Stand Out on Twitter X

These thoughtful strategies will help you build your brand on Twitter X. As usual, the right approach to gaining followers may be a matter of trial and error. A combination of tactics will help you stand out among millions of active accounts.

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