How to Increase Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Posted on July 10, 2023 | Updated on July 10, 2023

Nowadays, consumers are inundated with information through news outlets, social media, blogs, forums, videos, and podcasts. With so many sources at their fingertips, brands must work extra hard to acquire customers before their competition does. Narrowing down the most effective lead generation strategies for your business is crucial.

Marketing specialists have the difficult task of appealing to existing or prospective consumers — requiring converting leads into sales. But how do skilled strategists generate quality leads in the first place? This helpful guide will help you attract new leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Brief Overview of Lead Generation

In marketing, a lead is anyone interested in your product or service. The trick is to use various strategies to convert leads into customers. Effective marketing prompts leads to take advantage of your brand’s offering. 

When you convert leads, you boost your company’s revenue, giving you a competitive edge in your industry. Marketing specialists follow the digital marketing sales funnel to achieve this: 

  • Awareness: People come across your brand and products through social media, advertisements, search engine inquiries, or other channels.
  • Interest: Prospective customers show interest in your brand by visiting products, landing pages, blog posts, or signing up for email newsletters.
  • Decision: People realize they have a problem and start searching through your products or services to solve it — they may look through various resources on your website to guide their decision, like prices and features.
  • Action: Leads are ready to take action or make a purchase — some may still require encouragement to follow through with their credit card.
  • Follow-up: Brands must follow up through email or phone calls once a lead takes action.

Of course, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation. Marketing teams must utilize all the available tools and try various techniques to find what works best for consumer acquisition.

8 Strategies to Boost Lead Generation

Successful lead generation requires some trial and error. However, marketing specialists are well-equipped to make it happen. Here are eight tried and true marketing strategies to generate new leads.

1. Enhance Content Readability

Here’s a staggering statistic: only 20% to 28% of users read content on a website — the rest scan the page for keywords related to their inquiry. Ensure your copy is clear, concise, and brief to garner quality leads.

Creating white space by breaking up longer paragraphs and separating content under different subheadings lets users quickly find what they’re looking for. 

Suppose you create a blog post about a product. Under its own subheading, describe the product or offer and include four or five short bullet points about its consumer benefits. 

2. Hyperlink Landing Pages

Add hyperlinks to the appropriate landing pages throughout the body text and calls-to-action (CTAs). For instance, if you discuss an offer in one section of content, add a hyperlink to the offer page, such as the product itself. Doing so makes it easier for consumers to find the offer and follow through with purchasing.

Likewise, let’s say you want leads to relocate with your moving company. Provide a hyperlink to the business’s Contact landing page in the CTA of a blog post or other landing page.

3. Improve Your CTAs

Of course, what good is a CTA if it is ineffective? CTAs are variable from offer to offer or landing page — it’s a marketing specialist’s job to tweak it accordingly to prompt users to act. You can improve your CTAs in the following ways:

  • Again, add a hyperlink to an offer’s corresponding landing page
  • Add a CTA to the end of a blog post
  • Ensure your CTA and landing page headline is consistent
  • Reiterate your offer in the CTA
  • Include a CTA on every landing page

Some businesses use a CTA button. For example, Amazon allows users to “Add to Cart” or “Add to Shopping Cart” from a product’s landing page. A CTA button stands out from the website background — Amazon’s CTA buttons are yellow and orange.

A CTA button should also be large enough to spot. Consider placing it near the top or middle of the page.

4. Include More Images and Video

You’re already aware content should be scannable and there are crafty ways for marketers to achieve this. However, they should also use more images than text. 

Images should stand out and be visually appealing and relevant. According to one survey, 72% of consumers prefer to watch a video to learn about an offer than read about it. This also corresponds with the growing popularity of digital content and video sharing on social media. 

The trick is to strike a balance between mixed content types. While showcasing a product image is best for lead generation, you can also find free stock photos that do not require attribution from stock image websites.

5. Offer Value

Whatever your offer is — whether it’s a new line of sneakers or management consulting — ensure it delivers value to consumers. People must want or need whatever you’re offering. It’s not enough to open an e-commerce store. Don’t neglect blog posts, tutorials, studies, subscriptions, or other sources to attract your target audience.

In some ways, lead generation is similar to fishing. Fish have to eat, too, so anglers use bait to entice their catch. In marketing, lead generation tactics are geared toward customer acquisition. You must bait leads with brand appeal and convince prospective customers to bite. 

6. Leverage Email Marketing

While lead generation certainly pertains to potential customers, remember your existing ones, too. Marketers should leverage email marketing to maintain consumer-brand loyalty. 

Enable website visitors to subscribe to company emails and use an email marketing service to send promotions, updates and newsletters. Always link back to your website and corresponding landing pages. 

Creating a personalized email campaign is crucial — meaning you must tailor your content to fit customers’ needs. An email marketing service can automatically include a recipient’s name and interests in the subject line. For instance, integrating your website with a third-party email marketing service enables you to:

  • Spotlight new and best-selling items
  • Recommend products based on past purchases
  • Remind leads they’ve left items in their online shopping cart

7. Use Social Media

Companies can use numerous social media platforms to generate leads — especially younger consumers. Additionally, social media fosters consumer engagement and helps build brand loyalty.

Facebook remains the top social media marketing platform, with 2.9 billion active users monthly, followed by YouTube with 2.5 billion. Other popular social media apps companies may employ include TikTok and Instagram. 

Not all social media platforms suit every business and its target audience. Brands must analyze their existing customer base and hone in on their target audience to decide which platforms will benefit them the most.

8. Tweak and Test Your Marketing Strategy

Testing your marketing strategy is the most crucial tip for increasing lead generation. Remember, you can tweak every piece of content on your website and in your marketing materials to increase lead generation. 

It may require rewording content, such as descriptions or your website’s CTAs. Other times, you’ll need to send yourself several test emails before sending the final draft to subscribers. 

Integrate insights into your website to understand your brand’s impressions and each landing page’s click-through rate. Then, adjust accordingly. You may have to move landing page hyperlinks further up the page or add the CTA button closer to the top.

Also, always save a backup of your original content. If you don’t like the newer versions or had better outcomes with the previous content, you can revert it and try again. 

Increase Lead Generation With Thoughtful Marketing Tactics

Developing your lead generation strategy is similar to putting puzzle pieces together. Attempting various tactics to determine optimal customer acquisition is crucial. However, your efforts will always pay off when you successfully convert leads into loyal customers.

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