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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the condition of every item as it is described on our website. If you are not satisfied that your item is as described, please contact us and we will issue you a refund.


How to return an item purchased on HPB.com

Returns are easy!

If you placed your order as a guest, look for the Customer Service menu at the bottom of any page on HPB.com. Click “Order Status," enter your email address and order number, and click "Find My Order" to start the return process.

For returning users:

  1. Access your order: Login and go to your Orders page.

  2. Get your mailing label: click the “Return Item” button for the item you want to return. Follow the prompts to receive a printable mailing label and Return Pack Slip. Return addresses vary by seller, but don’t worry: your printable mailing label will automatically contain the correct return address.

  3. Prepare your package: Put the Return Pack Slip in the package with the item. Affix the mailing label and proper postage to the outside. The use of tracking is recommended.

  4. Ship it back to us. That’s it!

Once the item gets back to our warehouse, you’ll receive your refund within three to five business days.

HPB.com return policy

Items must be returned and received within 45 days of the date your order shipped.

If there was a problem with your order due to an error on our part, we’ll give you a full refund; including the item price, appropriate sales tax, plus original shipping and handling fees. If you’re returning your item for another reason, you’ll receive a refund for the price of the item plus the appropriate sales tax amount.

  • Return pack slip or order information required: You must include the Return Pack Slip, a return authorization e-mail from Customer Care or your original Pack Slip in the box with your returned item, or we won’t be able to issue you a refund. You can print a Return Pack Slip on your Orders page. For assistance or guest users, please contact our Customer Care team.

  • Refunds and form of payment: Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment originally used for purchase.

  • Coupons, discounts and promotions: The refund value for returned items purchased using any type of promotion, discount, or coupon will be reduced to reflect the value of any free gift, discount or promotion which was used for the original purchase.

  • Original condition: New items must be returned in their original, unopened, shrink-wrapped condition.

  • Tracking recommended: The use of delivery confirmation or tracking is strongly recommended as Half Price Books can’t be responsible for return shipments that are lost by the carrier.

  • In-store returns: We regret that we cannot accept returns in store for items purchased at HPB.com. For more information about returning merchandise you purchased in a brick-and-mortar store, please see our policy for returns in store below.

  • Gifts purchased online: If you received an item purchased online as a gift and would like to return it, the original buyer may return it to HPB.com via mail and a refund may be issued to the original card used to make the purchase. For questions or assistance with your HPB.com return, contact our Customer Care team.

  • Online exchanges: Due to the unique nature of our merchandise, we are unable to process exchanges for items purchased online.

How to return an item purchased at a Half Price Books local store

Did you buy something at your local HPB store? Have a problem or just a change of heart? Bring the item and your receipt to your local store. Please include original packaging and price tag when making a return. Proper ID and phone number may be required where permitted by law. Items purchased in a store cannot be returned by mail. We regret that we cannot issue refunds in our stores for items purchased at HPB.com.

  • With receipt: Cash refunds and charge card credits will be issued for all items returned with a receipt within seven days of purchase. Merchandise charged to a credit card will be refunded to your account. Exchange or store credit will be issued for merchandise returned with a sales receipt within 30 days of purchase date. Cash refunds for purchases made by check can be issued after 12 business days and are subject to the time limitations stated above.

  • With gift receipt: If you have a gift receipt, we give you a couple of options for returning an item in store. Exchange or HPB Merchandise Credit only will be given for returns accompanied by a gift receipt within 30 days of purchase date.

Exchanges for items purchased at a Half Price Books local store

Exchange or HPB Merchandise Credit will be issued for merchandise purchased in store when it is returned within 30 days with the original sales receipt.

Return exceptions

We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds.

HPB Gift Cards cannot be returned for cash, except as required by law.

All sales at Half Price Books Outlet locations are final. No returns or refunds. Items purchased at other Half Price Books locations cannot be returned at a Half Price Books Outlet location.

Some items that are opened, unsealed or damaged may not be accepted for refund. Items returned to us without a Pack Slip or return authorization e-mail may be denied a refund or exchange.

Items purchased on HPB.com from a marketplace seller may only be returned when the item is not as described or damaged.

Items purchased on HPB.com that are returned more than 45 days after the item was shipped are not eligible for return or refund, even if they are damaged or incomplete (60 days for international orders).

Still need help?

Contact our Customer Care team for assistance, or call (800) 883-2114 8am-4pm Central seven days a week.