The branding strategy you embrace as a business can make a difference in your long-term success as a company. Marketing strategy allows you to adopt the tactics that benefit your brand the most. 

Branding includes everything from your logo to how quickly people recognize your name. It consists of the color palettes you use, your tone and even how similar photographs you take look to one another.

What Is the Best Branding Strategy?

Some top branding strategy ideas include pushing an individual, the company or focusing more on your customers. Branding strategy can also involve where, how and to whom you market.

Choosing what is best depends greatly on your business model and your target audience. Here at Designerly, we present some of the most effective branding strategies available and let you decide which ones might expand your customer base.

Create a Branding Style Guide

One of our favorite ways to ensure you stand out from the competition is to create a consistent presence. A branding style guide gives you the edge and ensures you stick to the same colors and look no matter where your brand appears. 

Your logo matters and making sure it looks similar across different marketing efforts. In one study, around 78% of consumers said logos could be works of art, and they pay attention to them. Even using the same font establishes a tone for your company. 

Know Who You Are and Who Your Audience Is

Before establishing a brand strategy, you must know who you are as a business and the persona you wish to exude. You must also understand your target audience and what pain points they’re trying to solve. 

Once you know who you’re trying to reach and how, it becomes much easier to embrace one of the strategies outlined here. If one thing doesn’t work, try another tactic. 

You’ll also find examples of top brands and how they expand their reach, ideas for responding to negative comments about your company and new methods to reach more potential customers than ever before.